Verxel Arts shoots videos for Cultural events such as Ichilanga Mulilo, Amatebeto and Kitchen parties or Bridal Showers. Ichilanga Mulilo can be loosely translated as showing fire. This is when the family to the bride prepares and delivers food to the groom’s house or preferably guardian’s house. Usually its just two or three plates of food for the groom. This is to free the future husband to eat freely at the in laws’ house.

Amatebeto is when the husband is celebrated for his good will and behaviour especially towards the family of the wife. The husband is therefore feasted with different kinds of foods so as to show the husband what the wife’s family eats. Whilst the food is shown to him he is also to taught the meaning behind or why and when that particular dish is served. The event is not a one time thing. It is repeatable depending on the wife’s family. However nowadays, most people combine the Amatebeto and Ichilanga Mulilo as one event.

Kitchen Party or Bridal Shower is when the bride to be is presented with numerous household gifts especially kitchen ware. Family members from all sides and the couple’s friends come to the party to show support to the bride. This is usually a ladies day out where invited guests learn ways of building a successful relationship and marriage.