The Zambian Wedding Reception Checklist.

Planning a wedding is the most stressful aspect of hosting this event. This is because couples are doing it for the first time and expecting nothing to go wrong. Therefore they rely on family  and friends to make sure its a success. In order to have a successful wedding, there are a number of things that need to be addressed. In this article we will highlight the typical Zambian wedding checklist in order for you not to forget what is necessary.

The most important thing for the Zambian wedding is the food. Guest coming to a wedding ceremony know in the back of their mind that they are going to eat. This should explain why there are few people at the church service as compared to the reception. They will certainly remember the food more than the wedding dress. So the food ought to be nice. And no shortages. If they will carry some back home, even those that did not come to the wedding will clearly believe that the wedding was truly beautiful. How guests collect their should not cause them embarrassments. The points of collecting food must not be few and in addition they must have option to call a waiter in case they want more. Availability of waiter and waitress is dependent on the venue options. Which brings us to the second most important thing.

The Venue will make or break your wedding experience. It is highly linked to the food. The wedding venue must have convenient parking. Guest need not to worry the safety their vehicles. In terms of theft, or a broken part that my result in tight parking spaces. After the guests secure their property, its time they secure health. The rest rooms must be clean and spacious. It must be convenient for people to go back and forth with easy. The rooms should not be hidden with a number of turns in order to get there. Once that is settled, you might be wondering which is better “indoor vs outdoor” wedding event. Indoor wedding event is to be desired over outdoor. Under a marquees can be counted to be indoor. The advantage of indoor event is that the weather can be controlled. You also don’t want mosquitos to be falling in your drink once you outside or trying to kill them. In most cases, the outdoor event works well with kitchen parties.

The third most important thing is the master of ceremony. It is becoming trendy nowadays for every master of ceremony to dance. But that should not be case. The best master of ceremony is a comedian with various event jokes. In Zambia, there are diverse number of tribes. Hence, tribal jokes ought to be taken with caution. However, the best comedian can turn an awkward statement to very funny jokes. In one of the wedding, the master of ceremony asked all the Bembas to stand up so as to show how Bembas dress well. So the Bembas stood up feeling proud. This was quite awkward for those who did not stand up. But it was a trick. When the Bembas stood up, he said those are the thieves. What was a tribal praise turned to be a joke for everyone.  The personality of the master of ceremony played a key role on the effectiveness of the joke. Master of ceremony loaded with jokes would make the event memorable. And above all he controls the event flow and flaws.

Ok, so you have been waiting for it. The forth in this list is the bride’s dress. The bride is the most beautiful person on this day. The bride must wear a dress she is comfortable in. The dress should not make you too busy. It should not prevent you from dancing properly. It’s your day, Dance. The wedding dress shouldn’t pull attraction to itself. Causing the maid of honor pulling this and that for the bride. Whilst the bride is pulling it here and there over the her cleavage so boobs should not show. The dress should neither be too long to prevent the bride from taking necessary steps, without which she can fall nor too revealing to cause uncomfort among the guests attending or even the groom. The desire for brides to look sexy on their wedding is the most appealing. This is different from looking beautiful. The dress should be decent and respectful to parents or guardian present the event.

Similarly, the bridesmaids need beautiful decent dresses. Same colored dresses separates the bridesmaids from the bride who is in her white wedding dress. When dancing, most bridesmaids nowadays tend to put on pants. This is however confusing because the groomsmen also wear trousers. It is always nice to watch bridesmaids dance in dresses as it differentiate them from the groomsmen. For the groom, most wedding suits would do for him. Equally on the groomsmen, same coloured suits will do just well. The best man can maybe have a different tie colour as opposed to the rest.

Except if you will be using traditional drumist, the fifth on this list is audio. Music sets the tone, mode, and excitements. Without good audio, it would be difficult to communicate with guests or create authority for the master of ceremony. The event would turn into noise and chaotic. There are so many wedding ceremony DJs in the country. However, most of them makes horrible mistakes at the ceremony. They play wrong songs, make delays and bumping noise. These mistakes frustrate the couple. In order to alleviate this, it is important to rehearse with the DJs or companies hired for audio during rehearsals. As for Verxel Arts, we take pride in attending rehearsals for video with our clients. It helps create bonds with people involved and gain better insights the desire of the couples.

The sixth in this checklist is decor. When the guest walk into the venue, the beauty of a well decorated event creates a morale and a present feeling. Colour combination is significant. In design, it called colour harmony. The colour harmonies are categorised into Analogous, Complementary, Triad, Split-Complementary, Rectangle (tetradic), and Square. It is therefore, important to consult with the people doing decor so that they would advise which colours would go well with other colours couples may like. Colours have diverse meaning among people. This variation depends on their cultural backgrounds which have some psychological effect. It is important therefore to choose colours that would support the mode your wedding. The wedding colour theme is also seen in the colour of the cake.

The seventh most important thing at the wedding is the cake. There is no wedding without the cake. At the nearing end of the Zambian wedding, the cake is presented to the parents or guardians of the couple and the guest of honor. This is to show appreciation for their hard work they had put in to raise the couple. If the couple would consider the matron, there must be at least five cakes. The remainder of the cake is either shared among the guests or the couple goes with it to their new home.

So what is the all the glamorous decor, wedding dress, cake and most of all dances without video and photography. You will not have to rely on your friends’ smart phone videos that are shot, shaky, for your event coverage. Video and photography is the most sort after, when the wedding ceremony has passed. It is therefore important to choose the best video and photography company to cover your. Verxel Arts is the best video production company in Zambia and it shoots the best wedding video. Check out their pricing table. Besides the wedding dress, the wedding video and photography remains the only product that couples keep for their children to watch and appreciate way after the food is finished. It sets standard for children to also aspire to have a wedding before going into matrimony. A wedding ceremony is a joy of the parents.

The order of the Zambian wedding reception checklist can be rearranged according to circumstances or arising needs. But it is always important to remember that the food, venue, master of ceremony, wedding attires, sound, cake, video and photography should not be left out of your event. We wish all the best on your wedding.

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