Verxel Arts has been shooting weddings since 2009. Over these years, the company has gained enormous experience. We have learned that every wedding is unique and special not only to the Bride, groom, family members and friends, but to us as well. As a result, the company is always equipping it self with relevant technologies for the preservation of the most cherished moments.

Daliso & Patricia 7th May, 2016

Daliso and Patricia were married on the 7th May, 2016. The wedding ceremony was held at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Chapel. The service started at 14:00 and ended around 16:00. Besides delivering a powerful service for the couple, the Father blessed the couple and he made them pray a wonderful prayer together as the first  thing they did after exchanging the vows. The Chapel was filled with family members and friends of the couple who witnessed the union. After the church service, the newly wedded couple, accompanied by the bridal party, the groomsmen, the families and friends went to the Goma lakes to take photos. Then later in the evening, all the invited guests went to the reception.

The reception venue was at 3Sixty convention along the Twin Palm road. The entire event was held in a marque. It was well decorated, colorfully lit and warmed with outdoor heaters. The reception service was both  traditional Ngoni culture and western culture. It was well organized and spectacular. The guest of honor was Senior Chief Nkhosi Nzamane the fourth of the eastern province. Apart from family and friends, guests from all works of life such as politicians, business persons, and foreign dignitary were present at the reception. The master of ceremony was Chishala Chitoshi jr. the renowned presenter. The event was entertained by Uncle Rex live band in addition to the ceremony DJ. Verxel Arts preserved this memorable event and we wish Dalisto and Patricia ALL God's blessing in their marriage.

Eric Chipili & Gwen Chama 30th November, 2013

Eric Chipili and Gwen Chama married on the 30th Novermber, 2013. The wedding ceremony was conducted at the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall in Chilenje. There, Biblical scriptures were quoted and marital teachings were taught. The couple exchanged vows and rings were worn. NO KISS took place in the KINGDOM WALL. After signing of the marriage certificate, the couple went for a photo session. The photo session was at Southern Sun hotel in Lusaka. Family members, bridal party, friends and relatives took turns as they posed for photo shoot.

The reception was at the Mulungushi International Conference Center (MICC). A number of guests attended the wedding reception. Verxel Arts projected live coverage footage and photos of the wedding reception on the projector screen. This engaged guest who sat far from the high table to equally enjoy the wedding. The Bride and Groom lived happily thereafter.


Chilekwa Mwamba & Winnie Banda 5th October, 2013

Chilekwa Mwamba and Winnie Banda were married on the 5th October, 2013. The wedding ceremony was conducted at The Church of Jesus Christ and the latter day saints or The LDS Church in Lusaka. The couple underwent spiritual and marital counselings. The bride was presented to the groom and they exchanged vows. After the exchange of vows, the groom was asked to kiss the bride and they KISSED. Then they went to the signing of the marriage certificate. After the church service, the couple took some photo shoots on the church groungs before heading for lunch. The couple went to Judge Mwansa's residence for more photo shoot and lunch. Verxel Arts took the opportunity to interview the parents and senior representatives of the newly weds. Wise words were recorded and preserved.

The reception took place at the Government Complex in Lusaka. The master of ceremony was Mr. Ozious Kaundula Banda. A number of the Zambian government ministers and senior government officials of that time were invited. The bridal party entertained the guests with various dances. Mr. Mwamba surprised the bride and the guests by miming 'Good Woman' a song by Roberto a Zambian artist. The bride and the groom lived happily thereafter.

Lubasi Mpasa & Petronella Mtonga 7th September, 2013

Lubasi Mpasa and Petronella Mtonga were married on the 7th September, 2013. The wedding ceremony was conducted at the University of Zambia Chapel (UNZA Chapel). The marriage sermon and counseling was conducted by Pastor Eddie Chansa. Pastor Chansa had prepared a different format for the couple. Guests talked to were happy with the sermon. The bride was presented to the groom and they exchanged vows. Then the groom was told to kiss his bride and they KISSED. After signing of the marriage certificate, the couple and the bridal party were accompanied by some guests for photo shoot at Lush Gardens. Later, Verxel Arts' Photographer accompanied the couple for lunch. There, the photographer took more photos of the family and friends of the couple.

The reception took place at the Tripple M gardens. The reception ceremony started late; during that time, Verxel Arts mesmerized the guests with images that were shoot during the day projected on the projector screen. The master of ceremony was Mr. Mambwe. He was fun and entertained the guests till the end of the ceremony. Table number nine guests were the most referred to when he was joking. The bride and groom lived happily thereafter.