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Investrust Bank PLC Animation

Investrust bank PLC has revolutionized banking. Now everyone can have a bank account. The bank has engaged interested local retailers to be agents for the bank. The agents can now register new customers for the bank. In addition, customers can deposit and withdraw cash at the local shop.
This is significant because local retailers have become part of the community. People interact with local retailers almost on a daily basis when they are buying groceries and other necessities. Customers will now be able to interact with retailers more freely and a lot more comfortable whenever they seek answers about the bank and their accounts. Further retailers enjoy a certain amount of commission and privileges from the bank when they accept to become agents of the bank. This intern increases the revenue of the retailer and their livelihood. This is truly banking with your own.
What if the agent does not deposit money into the customer's account? Simple, customers get notifications on their mobile phone to show that their account has being updated. The money deposited can be used for various purposes like buying airtime, money transferring and a lot more. With an advent of electronic market and digital products, there is no reason one should not have a bank account with Investrust bank PLC.