Twaambo Sichikolo and Lweendo Hachamba were joined in matrimony on the 2nd of April, 2018. The wedding ceremony was held at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) in Lusaka’s Emarsdale township.

The wedding reception was held at Tiffany’s Canyon alone the Kafue road. The groom, bride, matron and the groomsmen and the bridesmaids went for a boat cruise. It was a spectacular sight for the guests that arrived earlier at the wedding reception. The master of ceremony entertained the guests after the entrance dance of the couple & the bridal party. He also warned that the elderly guests that they should not try it at home. Parents to the couple encouraged the newly weds on ways to maintain their married. The guest of honor cemented the encouragements. The Bride’s parents surprised the couple when presented them with the honey moon gift. The couple were to flown to a pleasure resort the following morning to the undisclosed location. IT WAS ALL PAID FOR!!!

After feeding the each other with the cake, the couple presented the cakes to the parents and to the guest of honor. Then later the dance floor was opened. Twaamogo & Lweendo lived happily there after. Verxel Arts would like to wish Twaambo and Lweendo a lifetime of love and happiness!

It was a beautiful Zambian Wedding.