Musonda Patrick Sampa Kakokota and Evelyn Mutitima entered into matrimony on the 4th of July 2020 at St. Anthony Catholic Parish Makeni. The wedding ceremony started at 10:00 and went through the afternoon. The Priest that officiated the union was Father Timothy Chikweto. He began the sermon by informing the couple that the institution of marriage is under attack. This is so when he reads a newspaper, there is even a section from court dedicated to divorce cases. He  however encouraged the couple to be each other’s mirror. In that they should not refrain from advising each other whenever they see a wrong in their partner. Not only that, but also remember to congratulate or praise and uplift each other whenever there is a positive or good a partner has done.

Fr. Chikweto was very excited to see Mr. Kakokota marrying, remembering that he used to back carry him when he was young. He imagined the excitement the parents felt, such that he asked the choir to sing a song for the parents so that they could show their excitement through dancing. Quoting the scriptures from the marriage at Cana, Fr. Chikweto encouraged the couple to fill each other with the love of God. Further encouraging that marriage is worth it as it was the plan of God.

After the sermon, the couple exchanged vows and rings. Then Mr. Kakokota unveiled the wife and they KISSED. The couple went on and signed the marriage certificates. After the church service, the couple proceeded to a photo shoot at a private residence. There, Verxel Arts took wonderful photos.

The reception was held at the Kakokota’s Farm in Lusaka West. The master of Ceremony was Herbert Mumba aka Chinglins. Who happened to be a classmate with Mr. Kakokota at Chiwala Secondary School. He entertained the guests fairly well and conducted the reception professionally. The reception was opened by prayer and then the bridal party followed with the opening dance. Then a young man followed with a hip hop dance. After that the couple entered with their dance. The Bride chose to wear a beautiful red dress at the reception.  Then the matron and the little girls entered with their own dance. Later the bridal party entered with their entrance dance.

The reception was not short of wonderful speeches from Mr. Mutitima and Mr. Kakokota. Then the guests were invited to the buffet. The knife lady entertained the guests with her dancing skills before presenting the knife to the matron. The couple cut the cake and fed each other before KISSING. The couple also presented the cakes to the parents before they danced just the two of them. Then the dance floor was opened and guests danced. Verxel Arts was honoured to shoot the wedding ceremony of Mr. & Mrs. Kakokota, may the Good Lord fill them with his Love. 

Musonda Patrick Sampa Kakokota

Evelyn Mutitima

Nancy Musonda Kakokota

Fr. Timothy Chikweto

Master of Ceremony
Herbert Mumba

Kapambwe Kakokota
Herve Mumbi
Milimo Champewa

Joan Kakokota
Sampa Kakokota
Agather Mulenga
Mercy Katongo

Flower Girls
Tasheni Chanda
Tamika Mulenga

Flower Boy
Elijah Mulenga

Groom’s Representative
Mr. Kakokota

Bride’s Representative
Mr. Mutitima


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