Rebecca’s Kitchen party was held on the 1st of June, 2019 at Selina Gardens around 14:00hrs. However in the morning, Morgan (groom) and Rebecca (bride) were at the Lusaka civic center to obtain their marriage certificate. A number of people attended this ceremony to witness the union of the couple. During the procession there were multiple ululations and jubilation. The registrar of marriages highlighted to the couple the Laws that underpinned the marriage. Later on, they exchanged their vows and rings and hugged and kissed. Then they were issued with the marriage certificate which was signed by the couple, their witnesses and the registrar of marriages. After that, the couple were declared husband and wife by the registrar of marriages. The newly wedded couple took time to take photos at the Lusaka Civic Center before proceeding to the kitchen party.

Selina Gardens is situated in Long Acres. Ms Rebecca had received a number of gifts from friends, family members and loved ones. At the time guests were arriving at the venue, Ms. Rebecca was being prepared with make up and a beautiful blue dress awaited her. The event was occasioned by traditional drummists and a DJ. The bride was then brought in; covered in a chitenge, she was directed by the matron. The mother to the bride and relatives to the bride danced to the traditional Ngoni songs. Then the groom was also brought in. Accompanying him, were his family members and friends. Before he was near enough to unveil his bride, they had to cash out some money. Then the groom unveiled his bride from the chitenge by folding it along its breadth. He gave her presents and flowers and in return she did as wise. But when she gave him his presents she kneeled slowly. Afterwards, the parents were introduced and couple gave them gifts. The groom and the men that came with him were released to go. The bride escorted the groom with a dance up to the point entrance.

Subsequently, the guest were served food. They ate and danced to various local music played by the DJ. The bride was then taken to view the gifts that was presented to her. She was taught how to use them and to the service of her future new home and visitors. Verxel Arts was pleased to cover this event with both video and photography. We wish the couple a lifetime of Love and happiness.